[2020 Award Winner] “Utility Player” Review! Explore the Reputation of Cutting-Edge EAs on the M5 Chart

In this article, we delve into the details of the highly acclaimed automated trading EA “Utility Player,” which received the AWARD in 2020. This EA is designed to handle both trend-following and counter-trend trading using the same logic, aiming for stable profits. It specializes in the USD/JPY currency pair and operates with a scalping trading style.

The “Utility Player” features a robust structure resistant to market fluctuations thanks to its proprietary algorithm, allowing efficient profit generation with minimal positions and lot sizes while mitigating risks. Additionally, it offers numerous user-customizable options such as weekend close functions and compounding features, adding to its allure.

Starting with the basic information about the “Utility Player,” this article delves into the technical details of how the EA achieves both trend-following and counter-trend trading. It then presents the performance data from backtesting and user reviews to showcase its track record and user experience. Furthermore, it provides guidance on purchasing and maximizing the utility of the EA, explaining how readers can profit from it.

Addressing common questions, the article aims to clarify any doubts readers may have about EAs, making it valuable for those interested in automated trading, especially for trading USD/JPY. Finally, a section is dedicated to answering frequently asked questions, designed to make EAs understandable for both beginners and advanced users.

We strive to provide detailed and clear explanations so that readers can fully grasp the features and benefits of the “Utility Player” and consider how to incorporate it into their trading strategies. Now, let’s embark on a journey into the world of cutting-edge automated trading EAs.

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“Utility Player” Basic Information

EA Name and Developer

“Utility Player” is an automated trading EA (Expert Advisor) developed by Reiwa Double-W Inc. This EA is programmed to execute advanced trading strategies automatically and is particularly suited for use in the forex market.

Awards and Accolades

In 2020, it received an award for its innovative approach and high performance. This recognition not only signifies the industry’s acknowledgment of “Utility Player” but also serves as a reliable indicator of trustworthiness for users.

Key Features

  1. Dual Logic for Trend Following and Counter-Trend Strategies
    “Utility Player” automatically identifies market trends (trend following) and ranges (counter-trend) using the same logic, enabling it to execute suitable trades. This flexibility allows it to adapt to changing market conditions while pursuing stable profits.
  2. Scalping Trading Style
    Scalping refers to frequent trading within very short timeframes. This EA employs a scalping strategy, particularly utilizing 5-minute (M5) charts to profit from small price movements within a short period.
  3. Specialized Currency Pair: USD/JPY
    Designed specifically for the US Dollar/Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) pair, this EA has a deep understanding of the pair’s market trends. USD/JPY is one of the most traded currency pairs globally, offering opportunities for trading based on its liquidity and price volatility.
  4. Maximum Position and Lot Sizes
    It can hold a maximum of two positions simultaneously, with a maximum lot size of two per position. This setup allows for efficient profit generation while adhering to risk management principles.
  5. Timeframe Used: M5
    By utilizing the M5 chart, it can swiftly adapt to minor market fluctuations and make rapid trading decisions. This makes it ideal for a scalping strategy, aiming to accumulate small profits daily for larger gains over time.

“Utility Player” leverages these features to become a highly effective tool for many traders. Especially for users prioritizing short-term profit-taking, this EA provides robust support. Stay tuned for further exploration of the technical details of this EA in the next section.

Technical Details

Logic Explanation

Conditions for Trend Following and Counter-Trend Trading and Their Operational Environment

“Utility Player” appears to have the ability to switch between trend-following (trading along with the trend) and counter-trend (trading against the trend) based on market trends. This switching is automatically performed based on the following market conditions.

  1. Trend Following: When the market shows a clear uptrend or downtrend, this EA takes positions in the direction of the trend. This allows for maximizing profits as long as the trend continues.
  2. Counter-Trend Trading: During ranging markets (where prices move within a specific range), counter-trend strategies are effective. This EA sells at high prices and buys at low prices to profit from price fluctuations.

In this way, the EA automatically selects the optimal strategy and executes trades accordingly, capturing profit opportunities in various market environments.

Design Philosophy for Stable Returns

The design philosophy of “Utility Player” revolves around achieving stable returns and minimizing risks. This EA executes trades aimed at generating balanced profits even during challenging market conditions by utilizing the same logic. Additionally, optimal strategies are automatically applied from a risk management perspective, allowing users to confidently utilize it in any market situation.

Trading Parameters

Maximum Stop Loss and Trailing Stop

  1. Maximum Stop Loss: In this EA, trades that are projected to incur losses beyond a certain number of pips (e.g., maximum of 70 pips) are automatically closed. This helps avoid significant losses in case of unexpected market movements.
  2. Trailing Stop: When a trade is profitable, the trailing stop feature is activated, automatically closing the trade when the market price falls within a certain range (e.g., 16 pips) from its highest point. This allows securing profits while seeking further profit potential.

Take Profit and Its Variable Design

  1. Take Profit (TP): Trades are automatically closed at a predefined number of pips (e.g., 16 pips) to secure profits. While profit targets may be fixed, they can also be adjusted automatically based on market conditions.
  2. Variable TP: Designed to adjust TP values based on market volatility (price fluctuation range), maximizing profit potential by leveraging market movements.

Weekend Close Feature and Compound Interest Functionality

  1. Weekend Close Feature: Automatically closes open positions over the weekend to mitigate the risk of price gaps that may occur during weekend market closures.
  2. Compound Interest Functionality: Effectively increases assets by reinvesting profits. Users can set compound interest based on surplus margin or account balance, aiming for long-term asset growth.

Through these technical details, “Utility Player” achieves high flexibility and profitability in various market environments. In the next section, we will elaborate on specific results based on the performance and backtest data of this EA, so stay tuned.

Performance and Backtest Data

Results from Long-Term Backtesting

Profit Factor and Relative Drawdown

In the backtesting of “Utility Player,” the profit factor is calculated at 1.39. This figure indicates that the total profits from trades exceed total losses by 39%, highlighting the EA’s ability to generate profits. Additionally, the relative drawdown is exceptionally low at 2.60%, representing the maximum price decline relative to the capital invested and indicating low risk.

Win Rate and Average Number of Trades

The win rate of this EA stands at 75.05%, meaning that three-quarters of the trades result in profit. This high probability allows for consistent profitability. Additionally, the moderate number of trades based on the 5-minute chart data ensures sufficient trading opportunities while avoiding excessive trading that could increase costs.

Maximum Drawdown and Patterns of Winning and Losing Streaks

The maximum drawdown is around 300 pips, enabling the avoidance of significant losses even during rapid market fluctuations. Analysis of winning and losing streaks reveals that the EA often experiences winning streaks while having fewer losing streaks. This demonstrates the effectiveness of its design in achieving stable profits with minimal risk.

The image is sourced from the official GoGoJungle website.

Monthly and Annual Profit Examples

Profit Calculation Example for the Past 21 Years

In backtesting conducted using “Utility Player” from February 1, 1999, to May 1, 2020, a total net profit of ¥9,882,240 was generated against an initial capital of ¥1,000,000. Looking at this on an annual basis, it averages around ¥465,047, while on a monthly basis, it averages around ¥38,754 in profit. This equates to an annual return on investment of approximately 46.5% and a monthly return of about 3.9%, showcasing exceptional performance.

These figures demonstrate that “Utility Player” can provide stable high returns over the long term and maintain profitability even amid volatile market conditions. In the following section, we will present user testimonials and reviews of those who have actually used this EA, delving deeper into the real-world effectiveness of “Utility Player.” This will enable readers to gain a deeper understanding of the potential value of this EA.

User Experiences and Reviews

User Testimonials

Below are specific comments from users who have experience with “Utility Player.” These voices reflect the impressions and outcomes gained by actual traders using this EA.

  • Three-Month Operating Review
    “It’s a good EA. I’ve been running it for about 3 months. I’m using the * * account, and although the place I’m using is different, I’m getting generally the same results as the forward test on the sales page. The stop loss width is 70 pips, but it often closes positions at shallow levels before reaching the stop loss because the logic works. Occasionally, it hits the stop loss, but overall, it’s within an acceptable range. I plan to continue using it in the future.”
  • One-Year Operating Review
    “I’m satisfied. I’ve been running it for almost a year. The take profit is about 30 pips, and the stop loss is about 70 pips, so it’s a bit nerve-wracking, but overall, it’s profitable. It’s not every time, but when I can, I manually set the stop loss to 30. Sometimes that pays off. I use an overseas account, and the results are almost the same as the forward test, so I think it’s steadily improving over the long term.”
  • EA Evaluation
    “It’s a fantastic EA. It’s almost a complete product as an EA. There’s nothing to complain about. Unlike other EAs, there’s no attempt to forcibly end losing positions in the positive, and it purely focuses on entry trading. If I could ask for something, it would be to allow parameter settings for other currencies, so I could save myself the trouble of developing my own EA (laughs).”

Evaluation and Critique

Advantages of the EA

  1. High Win Rate and Stable Profits: As evident from user reviews, “Utility Player” maintains a high win rate and provides stable profits. This effectiveness becomes particularly prominent with prolonged usage.
  2. Automatic Switching between Trend Following and Counter-Trend Trading: The ability to automatically switch between optimal trading strategies based on market conditions is a significant advantage for many traders.
  3. Partial Closure Functionality: The ability to partially close positions, limiting losses while maximizing profits, has received high praise from users.

Potential Drawbacks

  1. Limited to Specific Currency Pairs: Currently specialized in USD/JPY, it may be inconvenient for traders seeking to trade a variety of currency pairs.
  2. Need for Adjustment of Stop Loss Settings: Some reviews indicate that users manually adjust stop loss settings due to their large size. This issue could be resolved by further improving the accuracy of automatic settings.

From the user experiences and reviews mentioned above, it’s evident that “Utility Player” is an effective and reliable automated trading tool for many traders. User feedback reflects the actual performance and satisfaction with this EA, and further enhancements based on this feedback will likely make it an even more optimal automated trading tool for a broader range of traders.

Purchase Guide

Where to Buy

You can purchase “Utility Player” through its dedicated official sales page. You can directly access it through this link and proceed with the purchasing process.

Official Sales Page: Utility Player Sales Page

The purchase process is as follows

  1. Click the above link to access the official page.
  2. Select the EA you wish to purchase and click “Add to Cart.”
  3. Enter the required information to proceed with the purchase.
  4. Choose your payment method and follow the instructions to complete the payment.
  5. After payment completion, a download link will be provided. Use it to download the EA.
  6. Set up the downloaded EA in MetaTrader and start trading.

Price and Terms of Service

EA Price

The price is ¥50,000 including tax. This price includes the right to use the EA, and no additional charges will be incurred.

Refund Policy

Regarding refunds after purchase, the following official policy applies: “As the exercise of copyright begins upon downloading the EA, refunds are generally not possible from the perspective of copyright law.” Cooling-off based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act also does not apply.

Therefore, please make your purchase carefully. It is recommended to contact customer support for any uncertainties before making a purchase.

Customer Support Information

For support before and after purchase, refer to the official FAQ page (FAQ page link-Japanese-) or directly contact customer support. Contact information for customer support is also provided on the FAQ page.

Use this purchase guide to smoothly acquire “Utility Player” and maximize the convenience of automated trading. The official page also provides usage instructions and setup guides, ensuring comprehensive support for effectively utilizing the EA.

In conclusion

Overall assessment and reasons for recommendation

The “Utility Player” is an extremely useful tool for many traders, thanks to its sophisticated algorithms and user-friendly design. Below are the reasons why this EA is particularly recommended.

  1. High Win Rate and Stability As demonstrated by the backtest results, boasting a win rate of over 75%, it provides stable profits. This means it’s possible to steadily grow assets while mitigating risks in investments.
  2. Evolving Logic The automated switching between trend-following and counter-trend strategies ensures adaptability to market fluctuations. This allows users to achieve maximum effectiveness with minimal effort.
  3. User Support and Customizability It offers comprehensive user support and customization options tailored to individual trader needs. This enables precise adjustments according to specific trading styles and strategies.
  4. High Reliability in Design This award-winning EA is highly esteemed in the industry for its design and performance. It undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure a high-quality and reliable user experience.

The Future Potential of Utility Player

The Utility Player is expected to maintain a strong position in the market for the following reasons.

  1. Continuous Updates: The developers continuously update the logic to keep pace with market changes, striving to maintain the EA’s performance at the forefront. This ensures consistent performance over the long term.
  2. Expanding Applicability: While currently specialized in USD/JPY, there’s potential for future expansion to encompass a wide range of other currency pairs. This would make it available to a broader range of traders, increasing its utility.
  3. Technological Advancement and Market Adaptation: Incorporating advancements in AI and machine learning is expected to enhance accuracy and enable rapid adaptation to market fluctuations. This translates to further profit potential for traders.

Overall, “Utility Player” is recommended as a valuable investment for many traders due to its reliability, high performance, and potential for evolution. It is expected to remain a popular automated trading tool for the long term. By utilizing this EA, traders can significantly enhance trading efficiency and achieve stable profits. Further enhancements and performance improvements are anticipated in the future, continuing to contribute to user success.


Here, we address common questions from users regarding the use of “Utility Player.” Below are answers to inquiries regarding EA setup, operational considerations, and typical concerns.

Q1: How do I set up the EA for the first time?

A1: The initial setup involves the following steps:

  1. Install MetaTrader: First, install MetaTrader (MT4 or MT5) on your PC.
  2. Install the EA: After downloading “Utility Player,” copy the file to the specified folder.
  3. Chart setup: Open MetaTrader and set up the EA on the USD/JPY M5 chart.
  4. Adjust parameters: From the EA properties, adjust parameters such as trade volume and risk settings to your preference.

Q2: What are the main considerations for operating the EA?

A2: The key operational considerations are as follows:

  1. Market opening and closing times: Avoid operating during market open and close times as prices may fluctuate significantly.
  2. News releases: Major news releases, such as economic indicators, can lead to market instability. It’s advisable to avoid high volatility and consider pausing the EA during news releases.
  3. Risk management: Carefully set trade sizes (lot sizes) relative to your operating capital to diversify risk.

Q3: How can I stay informed about EA updates?

A3: Updates for the EA are provided through the official purchase page or registered email address. Regularly check for updates to stay informed about new releases or improvements.

Q4: What should I do if the EA isn’t performing as expected?

A4: If the EA isn’t functioning as expected, try the following checklist:

  1. Verify parameter settings: Double-check that all settings are correctly configured.
  2. Check internet connection: A stable internet connection is necessary. Ensure there are no connectivity issues.
  3. Verify latest version: Confirm if you’re using the latest version of the EA and update if necessary.
  4. Contact support: If the issue persists, contact the customer support of the vendor you purchased from, providing specific details about the symptoms.

These FAQs provide basic guidelines for safely and effectively using “Utility Player.” With proper configuration and careful operation, you can maximize the benefits of this EA and optimize automated trading profits.

Have you gained a better understanding of the capabilities and advantages of “Utility Player”? This innovative automated trading tool is versatile across various market conditions and is a must-have for traders aiming for high profits. As the next step, we recommend taking the following actions.

Let’s get started now!

  1. Review the Details: Visit the official sales page of Utility Player to explore more detailed information. From a comprehensive description of the player’s features to user reviews, a wide range of information is provided.
  2. Consider Purchasing: The price of the EA is $500, tax included. You can make your purchase securely through the official page, ensuring a smooth transaction process.
  3. Customer Support: For any inquiries before or after your purchase, feel free to contact customer support at any time. Our dedicated support team will respond promptly to assist you.
  4. Download and Setup: After purchase, you can immediately download the EA. Setting up the EA on MetaTrader is straightforward, allowing you to start trading quickly.

Reasons to Take Action Now

★AWARD 2020 受賞EA★完全同一ロジックにより順張りも逆張りもこなす安定型EA

Introducing the Utility Player brings the following benefits.

  1. Time-saving: Automated trading significantly reduces the time spent monitoring the market.
  2. Emotion-free trading: With the system making decisions automatically, there’s no room for erroneous judgments based on fear or greed.
  3. Consistent execution of trading strategies: It enables consistent trading based on the set strategy.

Why not experience the efficiency and accuracy of automated trading now? Visit the official page of the Utility Player from here and take your trading life to the next level. Check it out now and start investing wisely!

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